FPA Certified Polygraphists

The list below may not be up to date, as all certifications expire every five years. Certification must be renewed to maintain Certified Polygraphist classification.
Contact the Director of the Randall Jones School For Continuing Studies to verify certification status. For the current Director's contact information click here and scroll down to the committees section.

Eagle Resolutions and Resources International, Inc.
Broward State Attorney's Office
Florida Highway Patrol
Walton County Sheriff's Office
Manatee County Sheriff's Office
Reaume & Alvarez Investigations and Polygraphs
Miami Dade County Corrections (Retired)
Miami Polygraph Associates
Joseph W. Harper & Associates
Sarasota County SO
Christopher Ballard & Associates Polygraph
D. Craig Harper and Associates, LLC
Boca Raton Police / Deception Control
Tampa International Airport Police Department
Central Florida Polygraph
Orlando Police Department
Central Florida Polygraph
Leonard Bierman & Associates, Inc.
Jurney & Associates, Inc.
Truth Verification, LLC
PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center
Self Employed
B J Rakes & Associates
Custom Polygraph Service
Academy of Polygraph Science Latin America, Inc.
Tim Redmond, MSCJ
Absolute Polygraph Services
Panhandle Polygraph
Bilingual Credibility Assessment Associates, LLC
Jerald Polygraph Service
Clay County Sheriff's Office
Florida Highway Patrol
Gainesville Police Department
Polygraph Services
University of North Florida Police Department
George Steinbarger & Associates
Hardee County Sheriff's Office
Streator & Associates Polygraph and Consulting
Cullum Polygraph and Investigation Services, LLC
Fort Myers Police Department
Florida Highway Patrol (Retired)
Manaee County Sheriff's Office, Professional Standards
M.J. Liddy Polygraph Services, LLC
Gatekeeper Polygraph Services (GPS)
Veri-Fact Associates
Federal Contractor
Florida Highway Patrol
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Tampa Police Department
Jorge Fernandez Polygraph Services
Ballard Polygraph
Florida Truth & Deception Services, LLC
Green Cove Springs Police Department
Victor Security, Inc.
Fluno Polygraph Services
McDuffie, Jones & Associates, Inc.
Plantation Police Dept.
St. Petersburg Police Department
Herbert D. Metzgar Professional Polygraph Service
Collier County Sheriff's Office
State Attorney's Office
Tavares Police Department
Florida Highway Patrol
Asset Guardian, Inc.
Stoelting Company
Jurney & Associates, Inc.
Thomas W. K. Mote & Associates, Inc.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Broward County Sheriff's Office
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Public Defender, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit