FPA Certified & APA Certified Post-Conviction Sex Offender Examiners

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Acosta, Elvis APA
Eagle Resolutions and Resources International, Inc.
Gonzalez, Adalberto APA
Jurney & Associates, Inc.
Moss, Wade APA, FPA
Asset Guardian, Inc.
Adang, Steven APA
Lee County Sheriff's Office
Grenier, Eddie APA
Eddie R. Grenier, Investigations
Mote, Thomas APA, FPA
Tom Mote Polygraph
Adkins, Tommie APA, FPA
Walton County Sheriff's Office
Grimm, William APA, FPA
Broward State Attorney's Office
Murphy, Kevin FPA
Hollywood Police Department
Albert, Rafael FPA
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Hamill, Kevin APA
Applied Polygraph Systems
Nelson, Kenneth APA, FPA
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Alvarez, Ramon FPA
Reaume & Alvarez Investigations and Polygraphs
Harper, Donald FPA
D. Craig Harper and Associates, LLC
Orr, James APA, FPA
Tampa Polygraph Services, LLC and Peak CATC
Antonini, Albert APA, FPA
Fort Myers Police Department
Harper, Joseph APA, FPA
Joseph W. Harper & Associates
Pflieger, Ralph APA, FPA
Arnold, Mike APA
Harrison, J. APA, FPA
Central Florida Polygraph
Pirro, Joseph APA, FPA
Boca Raton Police / Deception Control
Ballard, Chris APA, FPA
Christopher Ballard & Associates Polygraph
Harrison, Jimmy APA
Poe, Richard APA, FPA
Bierman, Leonard APA, FPA
Leonard Bierman & Associates, Inc.
Harrison, Bonnie APA, FPA
Central Florida Polygraph
Poe, Nancy APA, FPA
Blalock, Benjamin APA, FPA
PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center
Heinrich, Kenneth APA, FPA
Jurney & Associates, Inc.
Porter, Wayne APA, FPA
Forensic Consultants and Polygraph Services
Borntreger, Jeremy APA, FPA
Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
Hoff, Michele FPA
Self Employed
Poston, David APA, FPA
Truth Verification, LLC
Brentnell, Sterling APA, FPA
Bradenton Police Department
Holleman, Curtis APA, FPA
Curtis E. Holleman Polygraph Services, LLC
Powers, Kevin APA
Powers & Alvarez Investigations and Polygraphs
Bryant, David APA, FPA
Custom Polygraph Service
Horvath, Arno APA, FPA
Academy of Polygraph Science Latin America, Inc.
Prezioso, Robert APA
Olympia Security Services, Inc.
Calvit, Helen APA
Helron, Inc.
Isom, Lonnie APA, FPA
Absolute Polygraph, Security and Investigative Services (APSIS)
Rackleff, Richard APA
Federal Polygraph Associates, LLC
Campbell, Jessica APA, FPA
Tampa Police Department
Jerald, Joseph APA, FPA
Jerald Polygraph Service
Redmond, Tim FPA
Tim Redmond, MSCJ
Cardenas, Johnny APA, FPA
Bilingual Credibility Assessment Associates, LLC
Johnson, Tracy APA, FPA
Self Employed
Reistroffer, James APA
J & I Polygraph-Investigation, Ltd.
Chamberlain, Theodore FPA
Polygraph Services
Jones-Morris, Paulette FPA
Florida Highway Patrol
Ribacoff, Lisa APA
InDepth Polygraphs
Comptaron, Timothy APA, FPA
Jurney, Kent APA, FPA
Jurney Associates, Inc.
Sosnowski, Daniel APA
SOS Services
Conley, Dana APA
Herbert D. Metzgar Professional Polygraph Services, LLC
Knefelkamp, David APA
Streator, Sandra APA
Streator & Associates Polygraph and Consulting
Consigli, John APA
Kolassa, Daniel APA
Florida Factfinders
Thomas, Kris FPA
Broward County Sheriff's Office
Cortese, Marcus APA, FPA
Liddy, Martin APA
M.J. Liddy Polygraph Services, LLC
Tooker, Jennifer APA
Lee County Sheriff's Office
Cullum, Russell APA
Cullum Polygraph and Investigation Services, LLC
List, Brian APA
Veracity Assessment Services, LLC
Trathen, Lauren APA, FPA
Ballard Polygraph
Danens, Traci APA
Santa Rosa County Polygraph
Livingston, Richard APA, FPA
Federal Contractor
Velonis, Victor APA, FPA
Victor Security, Inc.
Deitchman, George APA
STOP, Inc.
Louk, George FPA
Walters, Scott FPA
Collier County Sheriff's Office
DiStefano, Vincent APA
St. Petersburg Police Department
Martin, Jeff APA
U.S. Forensic Services
Waters, Joseph APA
Feola, Sharon APA, FPA
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Matherson, George APA, FPA
Green Cove Springs Police Department
Wildy, Tammy APA, FPA
Fernandez, Jorge APA
Jorge Fernandez Polygraph Services
McDuffie, Hal APA, FPA
McDuffie, Jones & Associates, Inc.
Witherington, Thomas FPA
Alachua County Sheriff's Office
Firth, Christopher APA
Florida Truth & Deception Services, LLC
Metzgar, Herbert APA, FPA
Herbert D. Metzgar Professional Polygraph Service
Witte, Guillermo APA, FPA
PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center
Fleury, Mathew APA
Orlando Police Department
Miller, Tony APA
Tavares Police Department
Wolf, Steven APA
US Customs and Border Protection
Gallagher, Jim APA
VVL Consulting LLC
Montgomery, Mary FPA
Proof Positive Polygraph LLC
Young, Dale APA
Public Defender, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
Godfrey, Eugene APA, FPA