The Florida Polygraph Association, also known as the FPA, is a State of Florida Not For Profit Corporation, which serves the members of the FPA and the polygraph profession as well as others who need information about the polygraph profession and polygraphists in the state of Florida.

The list of FPA Board Members, along with their respective addresses and contact information is on the web site. Please contact one of them if assistance is needed. For everyday questions, you may contact the Treasurer/Editor.

FPA members are required to maintain standards of their profession and can do so by attending training seminars. The FPA goal for our membership is to promote the advancement of our profession, education, research, certification of examiners and the support of other state and national associations. We offer polygraphists training in the profession and related topics as well as a certification program.

Please visit the FPA Web Site often or contact a Board Member if you are seeking information about Polygraph in general. 

FPA Members are asked to visit the Web Site often as the latest association information is always loaded in the online newsletter prior to any other availability.

This message is brought to you by the FPA Board Members.