At-A-Glance Member Information


Membership Application

Available on line and from any officer.

Must be filled out completely, with attached documents, and mailed to the FPA Secretary.

PCSOT Certification Application and Certified Polygraphist Application

Available on line and from any officer.

Must be filled out completely, with supporting documentation attached, and mailed to the Chair of the Randall Jones School For Continuing Studies.

FPA Forms

Most FPA Forms are available at each seminar

Certificate Of Availability Of Records Certificate

Available from the FPA Treasurer

Len Umanoff Memorial Scholarship Application

Application available on line and from the Chair Person of the Len Umanoff Memorial Scholarship Committee or any officer.

Application process has to be completed and mailed to the chairperson prior to May 05 of each year.

Complete means :  notarized application, up to date recommendation letters, application completely filled in, applicant 23 years of age or less, and most recent available OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS from high school or college (most recent schooling) mailed with the application.

The FPA Board can not consider any applications that do not meet the above listed requirements.

FPA Yearly Dues

Currently $150 per year and due in October.

Invoiced by your Treasurer and placed in the October-November newsletter.

Important Dates

  • October - yearly dues
  • February - Board Meeting
  • March - non-paying dues members removed from membership
  • April - another newsletter is published
  • May 05 - scholarship application deadline
  • May-June - FPA Summer Seminar
  • A Board and Business Meeting at the seminar
  • Summer Seminar - awarding of scholarship
  • Summer Seminar - ELECTIONS
  • July-August - another newsletter is published
  • August - Board Meeting
  • September-October - another newsletter
  • September-October - dues invoices in the newsletter
  • November-December - FPA Winter Seminar
  • December - filing of State Incorporation papers