2007 New Florida Law Revision

House Bill 989 (Ch. 2007-129): Victims; Sexual Offenses; Polygraph; HIV; Courts; Forensic Physical Examinations; Attorney General

Per revisions to F.S. 960.001, provides that no alleged victim of a sexual battery shall be required to take a polygraph examination or other truth-telling device as a condition of proceeding with an investigation.  Such a refusal by the alleged victim shall not preclude further investigation of the alleged offence.  IN addition, new language in the same section provides that upon request by the victim or the victim's parent, guardian, or lawful representative, a victim advocate shall be present at the forensic examination of the alleged victim.  A change to F.S. 960.28 requires that the initial forensic examination of the alleged victim shall be paid for by the Crime Vicitim's Services Office of the Attorney General.  Also amends F.S. 960.003 to require that, upon court order, any person charged with certain offenses involving the transmission of bodily fluids shall undergo HIV testing within 48 hours of such court order.

Effective Date: July 1, 2007.